EZRACK is South Africa’s specialists in quick- and easy-loading Bicycle Racks and Bike Racks for vehicles.

These bicycle- and motorbike racks are designed for quick and easy loading by riders who do not have time to lose but requires a secure mode of transport for their equipment.

The Bicycle Racks are also designed to reduce scratches and damage to the bicycles during loading and transit. These Bicycle racks and Bike rack is made of galvanized steel construction for maximum strength and durability. No plastic parts are use on the bicycle racks or the bike rack.

High strength poly-urethane is moulded onto the steel clamps of the bicycle racks to hold the bicycles and ensure damage free secure clamping.

EZ Rack offers Bicycle Racks for all types of bicycles – including Tandem bicycles -  and also Motorbike Racks.

EZ Rack can also make custom Bicycle Racks for motor vehicles and for trailers.


EZ Rack - Bicycle Rack characteristics:

  1. The space on the bicycle rack has been increased between the Bicycles to prevent damage during loading and transport.
  2.  The Bicycle Racks are also designed to reduce scratches and damage to the bicycles during loading and transit.
  3. The mounting for each Bicycle on the Bicycle Rack is side-ways adjustable in order to allow repositioning each bicycle so it would not interfere with another one. Handle bars are always a problem in this regard, which is solved by the EZ Rack’s unique adjustability.  
  4. The unique clamping system of the EZ Rack achieves a secure hold of the Bicycle on the bicycle rack without the need for extra tie-downs or padding.
  5. A modular system is used so the bicycle rack can be taken apart for storage or postage/courier/air freight.
  6. The modular system also allows the bicycle rack to be split up or increase in capacity for different number of bicycles.
  7. The EZ Racks were specifically designed for riders that do a lot of traveling. The simple clamping system reduces loading and unloading time and effort significantly which becomes a factor when the bicycle rack is in daily use.

The ease of loading bicycles onto the bike rack is such that even ladies and young children can do it on their own.


EZ Rack - Bike Rack (Motorcycle Rack) characteristics.

  1. The Bike Rack is designed to be loaded by a single person. 
  2. The Bike Rack design prevents the bike from rolling back and forth even if the straps are not tight
  3. The Bike Rack has a tilting load-bed. This allows a single person to roll the bike onto the rack before securing it.
  4. The rack has a slot where the back wheel slips into and this stops any forward and backward movement of the bike.
  5. Special custom made hinge for the titling load bed of the bike rack to ensure rigidity and strength.
  6. The bike rack can accommodate different bike sizes.
  7. Bikes up to 150 kg can use the EZ Rack bike rack.

Compared to a bike trailer, the bike rack take up very little space and is ideal for people who have limited space for storage.